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Join the “Fair Diffusion” program created by artists, for artists. Redefine the future of creativity, while maintaining full control over your art and expanding its potential with cutting-edge AI technology.

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    The Fair Diffusion Program

    The program offers an ethical alternative where payment and credit are provided to artists contributing their artwork for AI training.

    Our models are exclusively trained on licensed data. No artists can be referenced without their explicit consent and opt-in

    From authorized usage categories, through pricing and content guidelines, we encourage artists to set their own terms and have full control over how generated images inspired by their work are used. Art and innovation can coexist and thrive.

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    Tomer Hanuka

    why join?

    New ways to monetize

    Expand your outreach, showcase your talent and explore new ways to monetize your existing artwork

    Expanding while maintaining control

    Gain full control over the pricing of generated images inspired by your artwork and the way they are used

    Experience your work like never before

    Access to state-of-the-art AI models trained on your own creative work, giving you the ability to see your artwork comes to life in ways you never imagined

    It’s our responsibility to make sure you’re satisfied

    You can opt-out any time. We will immediately block any reference to you and your artwork, and it will be removed from any future training

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