About Us

We developed Visual Generative AI for commercial use. Partnering with like-minded clients, we aim to democratize this technology. As we empower organizations with Visual Generative AI to enhance products and set new industry benchmarks, ensuring responsible and sustainable growth.

Leadership section

Dr. Yair Adato

Co-founder and CEO in

Assa Eldar

Co-founder and CRO in

Vered Horesh

Chief Strategic AI Partnerships in

Misha Feinstein

VP R&D in

Orna Segev

VP Marketing in

Yoav Herstein

VP Creative in

Ori Gubany

VP Customer Success in

Dr. Efrat Taig

Head of AI in

Bar Fingerman

Head of Engineering AI/ML in

Dr. Ravit Dotan

Responsible AI Advocate in

Efrat Ben-Or

Head of People in