Ori Feldstein | 25 Mar 2024

How to give users full control of their brand identity

Identity is everything. It defines who we are, what we value and what our goals are. For a company, this is no different.

Creating a visual identity:

Identity is everything. It defines who we are, what we value and what our goals are. For a company, this is no different. A company’s branding is its first line of connection with its customers. Quality content that fits brand guidelines is important to any company, whether a large corporation or a small business. Visual identity announces to the world what kind of a business they are. When a company creates visual content, it’s crucial that it fits into their guidelines – things like logo, mood and color define a brand’s identity. Consistency in these areas is how they make an impression and gain customer trust.

But getting quality content that fits into a company’s branding guidelines can be difficult. Stock photos will rarely be shot just right, but often the only reasonable alternative is a time-consuming and expensive photoshoot . And even once photos are taken, it takes the work of highly trained designers to make sure they fit the brand properly

What if that could change? Bria’s here to make it easy for companies to make any image fit into their brand by providing a one-stop shop for creating high-quality branded images – at scale, meaning it can apply guidelines to tons of images all at once. No more photoshoots, no more need for high technical skills and no more wasting hours of time trying to get something just right. 


Here are the three ways Bria can help save resources and unlock a brand’s potential:

1) Embedding logos

A logo is one of the most important and easily recognizable traits of a brand. And it’s possible for anyone to figure out how to place a logo on a digital image. But it takes a skilled designer to make it seem like it was already there. Bria now allows anyone to smoothly blend their logo directly into the content of an image, like a billboard or a t-shirt.

Bria’s AI technology can recognize the parts of an image where a logo will fit in best. With one press of a button, you can add your logo to the place of your choosing – and see it blend in seamlessly. No more struggling to properly adjust the angle and proportions of the logo to fit, or trying to keep it from drowning out the rest of the image. Seamless logo placement, with no sweat off your back.


Adding a logo with Bria

Embedding a logo with Bria

2) Changing mood

Part of branding is making images have the right “feel”. This might mean adding specific filters or making sure a photo adheres to specific tone, highlight and color schemes. Even though it may be subconscious, consumers can recognize a popular brand’s guidelines, because it’s usually consistent across all images. 

Think about a brand like Coca-Cola. Even if it doesn’t say it in big letters across their image, the lighting and filtering of their photos (like high contrast and warm tones) follow the same uniform guidelines. There is a certain feeling to a Coke ad, one that comes from the mood of their visuals.

Coca cola ads

Coca-Cola has a distinctive brand mood

Enter your brand’s mood guidelines once, and they’ll be saved for all future use. Creators just need to select which mood from their database they want to use on a given image, and all of the filters and adjustments will be applied in seconds – at scale, meaning thousands of images at once.

Check out the example below as the image changes from a motorcycle brand to a beer brand. Think about how much time you can save without going through the process of adjusting every aspect of every photo you want to use.

Changing brand mood with Bria

Changing brand mood with Bria

3) Adjusting colors

Just like logo and mood, every brand has a specific color palette. All the most popular brands have colors that can be recognized with just a glance – the bold yellow and red of McDonald’s is instantly recognizable. Your colors present you to the world, and it’s important to maintain consistency across the content you produce. 

Think about the iconic “Tiffany Blue”. The color has taken on a life of its own; it even has its own Wikipedia page. Chosen at the same time as the company was created, the strength of the brand’s color helped to establish Tiffany & Co. as an iconic institution.

Boxes in Tiffany blue

The iconic Tiffany Blue

While it may not be obvious, brand colors are necessary to keep up brand consistency. Having a visual aspect like a background wall or model’s shirt be your brand’s color will make a brand instantly recognizable and evoke emotion in your audience.

Bria lets you tailor the colors in an image to fit your exact needs. For example, you can select the color red and adjust all of the red in the image. Or upload your brand’s color into the system just one time and implement it into different aspects of the photo, or insert into a variety of images at scale.

Give your users branding power

A visual identity can define how people see a brand. It’s important to make sure companies have full control over how they represent themselves online. With Bria, anyone can create high-quality branded images. If you’re in the image business, your users deserve these abilities. Bria is easy to integrate into your platform with a simple API call. Don’t miss out, take the steps to meet the new industry standard today.

Talk to us about integrating our API and give your users the power to apply brand guidelines to any visual.

Elizabeth Schnur is a Marketing and Content Writer at Bria.