Minson Chen | 25 Mar 2024

Bria AI launches responsible innovation for Enterprise Visuals at NVIDIA GTC

Bria AI launches responsible innovation for Enterprise Visuals at NVIDIA GTC
We’re excited to showcase Bria AI’s latest in visual generative AI technology at the NVIDIA GTC conference. As a pioneer in responsible AI, we are unveiling a new family of text-to-image models that redefine benchmarks for safety, flexibility, and quality. Perfect for commercial use, Visual Gen AI is now ready for business. 

Introducing the Bria AI 2 family of models —including our state-of-the-art Text to Image Bria Core, Bria Fast for near real-time creation, and Bria HD for stunning detailed visuals. These foundation models come complete with access to source code and weights, API and SDK, iframe web integration, and compatibility with community libraries and even LoRA fine-tuning and ControlNets, so you can build without limits.

  • Bria AI 2 Core: Experience our cornerstone model, blending high ethical standards with commercial excellence.
  • Bria AI 2 Fast: Revel in the velocity of our text-to-image model, boasting a 1.7-second inference on A10G GPUs — Super fast with little loss in quality.
  • Bria AI 2 HD: Witness the future of image clarity with native HD quality, bringing your visions to life in stunning detail and realism without the need for upscaling.

Bria AI launches responsible innovation for Enterprise Visuals at NVIDIA GTC

For Enterprises: Safe, Sustainable and personalized

Enterprises now have a partner in Bria AI, offering:

  • Safe & Secure: Full protection from copyright liabilities with outputs free of public figures and trademarks, and privacy compliance. Trained on 100% licensed data and Fairly Trained certified.
  • Sustainable Creativity: Our Patented Attribution Engine fosters an equitable creative ecosystem by compensating artists fairly.
  • Customization & Privacy: With Bria AI, fine-tune your data, ensuring your creations remain private and exclusively yours.

For Developers: Flexible, Accelerated, Focused

Developers now have powerful tools and access to core technologies unlocking the freedom to build AI native apps and services with:

  • Unmatched Flexibility: Build with foundation model source code and weights, available to APIs, SDKs, and even no-code/low-code components.
  • Accelerated Development: Leverage pre-trained models, LoRA, and ControlNet to speed up the creation process with community-compatible capabilities.
  • Build Apps, Not Infrastructure: Innovate with a focus on product, not infrastructure, thanks to our suite of auxiliary tools.

Experience Bria AI’s Capabilities

Join us at NVIDIA GTC to explore how Bria AI 2.2 is transforming visual generative AI. Our suite is tailored for every brand, with a focus on ensuring that every generated image aligns authentically with your visual identity. Whether you’re a startup looking to build the next big app, or an enterprise developer embarking on AI transformation of your creative workflows, Bria AI equips you with the tools you need to usher in an era of creative productivity and storytelling that authentically reflects your brand across every digital channel.

We’re partnering with innovative companies to create the future of creativity together with Special Plans to help you get started in your journey.

Bria AI launches responsible innovation for Enterprise Visuals at NVIDIA GTC