How to use Bria

Proactive reviews-image

Proactive reviews

We have regular ethics reviews throughout the entire development cycle.

Holistic approach-image

Holistic approach

All departments share the work of making our AI responsible - including R&D, HR, marketing and sales.

Responsible guardrails-image

Responsible guardrails

We mark images as synthetic and don't generate "talking heads". We market to companies, not individuals.

Forward thinking-image

Forward thinking

We make a meaningful contribution to conversations about responsible AI in synthetic imaging and also support regulation efforts.

Ongoing optimization-image

Ongoing optimization

We continually improve our knowledge, skills and practices, focusing on developments in bias, explainability, privacy and copyrights.

Open access-image

Open access

We give free use to nonprofits or academics who work to democratize creativity, prevent deep fakes or promote diversity.